East Providence School District

    Parenting Partners Program

    We know that parents play an important role in their child’ success in school. Therefore we invite parents to partner with our schools in order to help improve academic, social, behavioral and emotional success for their children.

    The East Providence School Department is happy to announce a parent engagement program called “Parenting Partners”. This program will currently be offered at all Title I schools. A team of educators at each building has been trained to organize and facilitate workshops for parents/guardians. Each session lasts 8 weeks and covers a different topic. The sessions will be ongoing so everyone who would like to participate will get a chance over the course of the school year. The list of topics covered at each 8 week session includes:

    • Positive Parenting: Success Starts at Home
    • Creating Confident Kids
    • Communication That Works
    • Creating Structure for Agreement
    • Discipline - Practice for Success
    • What Children and Teens Need to Know
    • Parents Involved for Academic Success
    • Parent Graduation Ceremony!

    You will receive notification from the team at your child’s school regarding when the session will be offered at each particular school.

    We hope you will join us in this important partnership!

    Programa de Asociacion Para los Padres

    Programa para Pais

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