East Providence School District

    Early Learning Center at Waddington Staff Directory

    Name Grade/Subject Email Address
     Kristen Johnson Pre-k Special Education Teacher kjohnson3@epschoolsri.com
     Ashley Murphy  Pre-k Special Education Teacher amurphy1@epschoolsri.com
     Melissa Natusch Pre-k Special Education Teacher mnatusch@epschoolsri.com
     Julie Quaranto Pre-k Special Education Teacher jquaranto@epschoolsri.com
     Gail Ramos  Pre-k Special Education Teacher gramos@epschoolsri.com
     Isilda Correia Teacher Assistant icorreia@epschoolsri.com
     Geraldine Fiyod Teacher Assistant BB gfiyod@epschoolsri.com
     Roslyn Parker Teacher Assistant rparker@epschoolsri.com
     Nicole Silva Teacher assistant 1:1 nsilva@epschoolsri.com
     Darlene Silveira Teacher Assistant dsilveira@epschoolsri.com
     Dawn Sinclair Teacher Assistant dsinclair@epschoolsri.com
     Deb Turbit Teacher Assistant dturbit@epschoolsri.com
     Francine Valetta Teacher Assistant fvalletta@epschoolsri.com
     Dana Brodin Occupational Therapist  dbrodin@epschoolsri.com
     Kate Dempsey Speech and Language Pathologist   kdempsey@epschoolsri.com
     Ann Johnson Occupational Therapist  ajohnson@epschoolsri.com
     Stephanie Luft Speech and Language Pathologist sluft@epschools.ricom 
     Lori Rush  Speech and Language Pathologist lrush@epschoolsri.com
     Karen Scarbrough  Physical Therapist kscarbrough@epschoolsri.com
    Orianne Rodrigues Social Worker srodrigues@epschoolsri.com
     April Valois Psychologist  avalois@epschoolsri.com