East Providence School District
    Dear Parents/Guardians,

    The East Providence School Department is writing to inform you about the FREE Child Outreach Screening Program that is both federally and state mandated. Much like your well visits with the pediatrician, the School departments are required to offer developmental screenings to all 3, 4, and 5 year old children that are Rhode Island residents. Parents/Guardians are encouraged to have their children screened each year, prior to entering kindergarten, due to varied developmental requirements for each age level.  

    The FREE screening consists of a brief assessment in five areas of development:
    Vision Screening, 
    Hearing Screening,
    General Development—such as fine/gross motor skills, memory, etc.
    Speech and Language skills 
    Social and Emotional Development

    The screening is not a comprehensive, standardized evaluation, but a look at how your children are doing in comparison to their peers. The information gained is used to provide you with the reassurance that your children are developing as they should.  All information is confidential and not shared with anyone unless you give written permission to do so. 

    The screeners completing the screenings are trained and are supervised by the Early Childhood Coordinator.  All screeners are advised about confidentiality and have had a National Background Check.

    Finally, if your child attends one of the following Early Learning Centers, you do not need to schedule an appointment.   Screenings will be held at the following locations:

    Head Start Trailside
    Early Learning Center of RI Little Red School House
    Bee Hive Up With Children
    Oliver Day School Ocean State Montessori 
    CCNS Newman YMCA
    Brown Play School Sacred Heart Day Care
    The Children’s Workshop              Little Scholars
    The Green Crayon              Teddy Bear Learning
    Little Tykes St. Margaret’s Preschool
    Oldham State PK                                                                Martin State PK
    EPELP @ Waddington                                                      St. Mary’s Academy, Bay View PK    

    If you would like to have your child screened please call 401-383-4192 to schedule an appointment.


    Mylissa Moon, M.A.
    Early Childhood Coordinator