East Providence School District


    East Providence school bus transportation will always center on providing safe, responsible and effective transportation for our students.

    We currently service eligible students to twelve East Providence Public Schools, twenty-six private and parochial schools, and twenty-six outside special education placement schools in Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

    Transportation Announcements

    • This year starts off green . . . We have a new fleet of eco-friendly buses ready to roll on Sept 1st.

    • Safe Stop is a Mobile App for Parents and Guardians. Know where your student is at all time (regular transport, inclement weather, traffic delays). The App will allow you to securely keep track on your phone, laptop, or tablet.

      IT IS ABSOLUTELY FREE!   Sign up at SafeStopApp.com
    • Transportation Appeals: Can be done on line. Follow the link below.

    Eligible Riding Distances

    Early Learning Center
    at Waddington Door to Door - All Students receive a bus
    Grades K-5  Students must live further than 1.0 mile from school
    Grades 6-8  Students must live further than 1.5 miles from school
    Grades 9-12  Students must live further than 2.0 miles from school


    Transportation appeals may be submitted for valid medical reasons, or for reasons of hardship. Supporting documentation, such as but not limited to a physician’s note, executed release of information, and any other documentation the Superintendent and/or his or her designee deem appropriate. Residency verification is required. Please see list of allowable items that can be used.

    2018-19 Transportation Appeal Online Application

    Private/Parochial/Charter School Transportation

    Transportation requests must be completed and submitted no later than July 8, 2018
    Residency verification is required annually, and must accompany the Request Form.

    Bus Discipline

    Bus Discipline Procedures